Teaching Portfolio

Below, you'll find my selected teaching portfolio, including a teaching philosophy and CV, as well as a sample syllabus, sample assignment, sample lesson plan, observation letters, and sample student observations from my time at the University of Central Florida. You can access each of these documents by clicking on the outlined button in the top right of each section below.

Students with iPad

My teaching philosophy, focusing on goal-setting, collaboration, and low- and high-tech learning opportunities

Open Laptop

The Fall 2018 syllabus from my sections of ENC 1101: Composition I at UCF

Laptop Writing

An assignment I created for my ENC 1101 sections in which students trace the circulation of an internet-based cultural unit of their choosing

Audience and Lecturer

Observation letters from Lissa Pompos Mansfield (on an ENC 1102 observation) and Rachel Street (on an ENC 1101 observation)


My most recent CV, detailing my academic career

Open Laptop

The Fall 2018 calendar from my sections of ENC 1101: Composition I at UCF

Open Laptop

A lesson plan from my Summer B 2019 section of ENC 1101 focused on applying multilingual writing concepts.

Some comments from my Student Perception of Instruction summaries, with my reflection on the comments

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