Research Project Portfolio

The following projects are the result of my research as a a PhD student/candidate in the Texts and Technology program at the University of Central Florida and a student in the Master of Arts in English program at Eastern Kentucky University.

Traditional Essays

This essay, which was the Mentored Scholarly Project for my MA in English, discusses what creepypasta is and its place on the web and examines the use of two creepypasta stories to teach First-Year Writing students about audience.

This essay illustrates the evolution of the popular creepypasta character, Slender Man, through the memory of creepypasta readers and creators.

This essay makes an argument for using video games, specifically Broken Age from Double Fine Productions, to teach Visual Rhetoric. This essay also includes an accompanying Flash document providing a sample unit of study using Broken Age.

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Digital Projects

Keywords in Digital Rhetoric

I created this website in collaboration with classmates in Dr. Dustin Edward's Digital Rhetorics class. The website contains definitions of a few keywords we deemed necessary to the study of digital rhetorics. While my team and I were responsible for the overall design of the site, I was also responsible for writing the "Participation" entry on the site.

Virtual Reality & Active Learning Website

In UCF's Design and Development for Texts and Technology course, students were expected to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL and create a final project that incorporated all four. My project from the course was a website that would allow interested instructors to learn more about virtual reality and active learning by searching through a database of active learning lessons that involve VR, to which site users can also upload lessons they would like to share.

Balsamiq Mockups of RICHES Backpack Tool

In working with the Regional Initiative for Collecting History, Experiences, and Stories (RICHES) while at UCF, I was part of a team that worked to redesign the RICHES bookbag tool, which allows researchers to save and return to digital versions of Florida History items archived by RICHES. Linked here you'll find the interactive PDF version of the mockups I took the lead on creating for the redesign of the version of the bookbag tool that would be available to researchers.

Hypertext Literacy Narrative in FYW Website

This project was the final result of my work in a Hypertext Theory and Design course. This is a website, coded in HTML and CSS, in which I discuss the potential for a digital literacy narrative that incorporates HTML and CSS in first-year writing curriculum.

This Way, Not That: Utilizing Broken Age to Teach Visual Rhetoric in First-Year Writing

After writing an essay that argued for using video games, specifically Broken Age from Double Fine Productions, to teach Visual Rhetoric to FYW students, I created this accompanying Flash document providing a sample mini unit of study using Broken Age.

Created for a seminar on composition focused on teaching First-Year Writing, this Prezi provides an overview of contact zones and how those may affect the First-Year Writing classroom.

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